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Nifty Apex Legends trick lets Crypto turn Prowlers into attack dogs

Published: 13/Nov/2021 17:45

by Jaret Kappelman


Apex Legends players have discovered a nifty trick that allows Crypto to use his drone to turn Prowlers into attack dogs.

Season 11 of Apex Legends brought tons of new content to the BR, from a new character and a new map, to AI-controlled animals.

Prowlers, four-legged wolf-like creatures, have been causing quite the ruckus on Storm Point, as they spring into action and attack when you’re too close.

While players have been begging Respawn to remove them, a new Crypto trick may convince fans to rethink that, as they actually can be used to kill enemies.

Crypto Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends players have discovered a trick with Crypto and his drone to create attack dogs.

Apex Legends Crypto trick turns Prowlers into killing machines

Crypto is one of the many Apex Legends characters in-game, and his tactical ability is a surveillance drone that can fly around the map and get information.


A Reddit post by ‘u/pagereader’ shows off a new trick using his drone that allows it to get the aggro from Prowlers and have them chase it wherever you decide to fly.

Prowler Crypto Trick Apex Legends
Players can lure the Prowlers with Crypto’s drone.

As seen from the picture, you can get Crypto’s drone close to the Prowlers, but not too close, as they can destroy it. Once they are in range, the dogs will start to follow the drone around the map.

This allows you to control where they go and you can lead them all the way toward enemies, creating your own attack dogs in Apex Legends.

This can be extremely useful as you can lead the Prowlers into a fight as a third party. However, you’ll want to be strategic with this, because if the dogs get the kill, you will not get rewarded with points.


It will be best to have teammates follow up and clean up the mess that the Prowlers leave behind. Next time you drop in give this a try and see if it’s as strong as advertised.