Nifty Apex Legends Horizon Gravity Lift trick lets players scale walls instantly

Alan Bernal
apex legends storm point horizon
Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends movement trick with Horizon lets her instantly scale walls in one fluid movement after using her Gravity Lift.

Horizon is already one of the most popular characters in the battle royale for her incredible mobility, thanks in large part to her Spacewalk passive ability that increases mid-air movement control.

Couple that with her tactical ability and Horizon’s move set starts to open up for players to exploit in unique ways. That’s what user ‘dhzS_’ found during a skirmish when they were able to quickly vault over an obstacle in no time at all.

Not only did it give the player a way to reposition, but it also happened so fast that it hardly gave the last remaining team enough time to react.

Considering how valuable different movement techniques are in Apex, this just adds to Horizon’s already impressive capabilities.

In the clip, the player can be seen taking the Gravity Lift up to lay down their Black Hole ultimate ability. Since Horizon’s Spacewalk passive also mitigates the impact of falling from tall heights, dhzS_ had enough momentum to get over a nearby wall.

This is simplistic in its application but can be a major thorn in the sides of enemy Apex Legends teams caught off-guard by the speed of the play.

apex legends horizon
Respawn Entertainment
Horizon has put her stamp in Apex Legends since coming to the game.

Though there’s discrepancy if the trick is akin to a normal wall climb, the time between getting over the wall and pulling out their weapon to attack was the most impressive part of the play.

Horizon is an exceptional Legend who works really well with the new Storm Point map Gravity Cannons and off-meta Apex characters too.

It’s these kinds of tricks that’s making Horizon one of the most popular Apex Legends picks in Season 11 which could continue throughout the Escape campaign.