NICKMERCS reveals his favorite weapons for Apex Legends Season 12

NICKMERCS on Storm Point in Apex Legends Season 12NICKMERCS/Respawn

FaZe Clan star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has revealed his pick for his two favorite weapons in Apex Legends Season 12, and they’re a deadly pair. 

As the Apex Legends loot pool has continued to grow and grow over the last few seasons, players have had to constantly tinker with their favorite weapon loadouts.

The all-powerful VOLT and Flatline were put into supply drops and replicators, respectively, meaning their usage has dropped off slightly in the new season as a resuly, while the R301 and R-99 continue to dominate in games.

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Everyone has their favorite and ideal loadout for the new season, and NICKMERCS – who has pretty much become a fully-fledged Apex content creator – is no different.

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There’s currently a nice balance to the weapons in Apex Legends.

During his March 18 YouTube upload, the FaZe Clan star aired a few grievances with the Prowler and 30-30 repeater. He struggled to hit shots with them, labeling the heavy-duty pair as “trash.”

Though, he was a bit kinder about his two favorite weapons – the Triple Take and C.A.R SMG. “If you guys are playing Apex ranked, give me your two favorite guns to use. The guns you’re going to use to pop off and clutch up for you and your team,” Nick asked of his viewers.

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“Me personally, it’s the Triple Take and the C.A.R. SMG. If I have those two guns man, easy peasy, squeezy squeezy.”

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The Triple Take being a popular choice isn’t a shock, seeing as it’s been a huge damage dealer for quite a few seasons now. But the C.A.R is a more contentious choice.

Nick hasn’t been shy about praising the SMG in the past, even saying it feels like it has the best TTK in the battle royale as a whole.

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It remains to be seen if him showing some love towards it will make it a more popular pick, but if you run into him in Ranked, don’t be shocked if he’s absolutely beaming with it.