NICKMERCS makes surprise pick for Apex Legends “underrated” Season 14 weapon

NICKMERCS pointing to sky on Apex Legends Storm Point mapFaZe Clan/Respawn

Twitch star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has made a pick for an “underrated” weapon in Apex Legends Season 14, but some fans don’t agree.

As Respawn Entertainment have constantly tweaked weapons and updated the meta, plenty of players have made their choice for guns that they feel go under the radar.

In past seasons, some players have been convinced that pistols are stronger than their standing in the meta, while others have taken burst rifles over the fully automatic options. Both sides can be right, it just depends on what suits them from game to game.

When it comes to Season 14, a few players have named the L-Star, Alternator, and Hemlok as the most underrated guns currently. However, NICKMERCS has got a more surprising choice than most for that category.

NICKMERCS’ “underrated” weapon for Apex Legends Season 14

The FaZe Clan star, who has returned to the Apex Games after a brief hiatus to focus on Warzone, picked the Sentinel sniper as his “underrated” weapon for the new season – but only in certain situations.

“You know what I think is kind of an OP gun off spawn, but only off spawn? Sentinel,” Nick said. “Like iron sights Sentinel, that’s kind of like… 140 to the head, I think, or 120 maybe. Kind of cracked.”

Nick’s team quickly agreed with his take, and so did some fans in the comments section. However, not everyone is too sure about it.

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“It’s my main weapon, it just feels good to use for me,” said one fan. “Not underrated, it’s a skill issue,” added another viewer. “lmao Sentinel off spawn… you are trolling hard,” commented another.

Unlike some other battle royales, it is hard to see if the data lines up with Nick’s suggestion, but the competition between snipers is fierce, and everyone has their favorite. So, to think that one is underrated is a fair thing.