NICKMERCS hits back at ImperialHal’s “weak link” Apex Legends criticism

NICKMERCS on stream with headsetTwitch: NICKMERCS

Twitch streamer and ALGS competitor Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has responded after Apex Legends pro Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen suggested he is the “weak link” on his team.

NICKMERCS’ transition from full-time Twitch streamer to Apex Legends Global Series competitor has been undeniably impressive. He is currently representing Tripods as part of a team with Deeds and Gent.

Despite the praise he has received from the community, long-term Apex pro ImperialHal has been less effusive with his comments. He previously referred to Nick and his teammates as ‘D-Tier’ players.

More recently, he claimed that Nick is the specific “weak link” on Tripods as a result of lacking the “mechanical skill” that the current pro meta requires. The comments, unsurprisingly, didn’t wash with the former Gears of War pro, who responded in a December 21 stream.

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Asked by his chat whether he’d seen Hal’s latest jibes, Nick confirmed he has but that he plans to continue to prove his doubters in the Apex Legends esports space wrong.

“I saw a little bit of that yeah,” he said. “I will say in my defense, Hal’s been talking sh*t about my progress in Apex since the jump. He said that we wouldn’t ever make Pred and then he said that we wouldn’t do sh*t in Pred and then he said we wouldn’t make pro league. Then he said we wouldn’t do sh*t in pro league. And every time he says that we just keep doing it.”

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He also pointed to his own performance in the ALGS and against Hal, mentioning a time he eliminated the TSM pro and one of his teammates.

“Now he’s saying that I’m deadweight and all this sh*t,” he continued, “but how can you be deadweight and have multiple clutches and big-time plays in multiple big-time tourneys? ALGS tournaments too. Like I two-tapped him and his boy in a three v three fight in an ALGS match. Me. I opened it and closed it.”

As the two Apex heavyweights continue to lock horns, we can hope to see them compete in-game in the near future.

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