NICKMERCS highlights the main reason Apex Legends is ahead of Warzone


Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff was one of the most popular Warzone content creators, but his departure from the game continues to raise a lot of questions. Well, the streamer recently revealed why he believes Apex Legends is leagues ahead of CoD’s own BR. 

Despite occasionally returning to Warzone, NICKMERCS has been incredibly vocal over his general distaste for the game. In fact, the streamer’s love for CoD’s popular BR took a dive when the Vanguard integration was released. Since then, Nick has been busy grinding out competitive Apex Legends matches. 

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Those familiar with NICKMERCS’ content will know just how much he loves Respawn’s BR, especially when it comes to ranked matches. While his departure from Warzone left many of his fans saddened, the content creator has now explained the main reason why Apex Legends is way ahead of Call of Duty. 

NICKMERCS on why Apex Legends is ahead of Warzone

NICKMERCS Apex Legends victory screenNICKMERCS
Nick has been enjoying his time with Apex Legends.

“I think what hooked me on Apex, in the beginning, was there’s a ranked mode,” explained Nick. “You can see yourself progress and get better. A lot of other games like Fortnite and Warzone don’t have it. In this game, there’s a real ranked mode. Yeah, it does have its flaws for sure, but you can still progress, get better, and grind.”

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Warzone players have wanted a ranked mode since the game’s release, but Activision has still yet to add this highly-requested feature into the game. This is in direct contrast to Apex Legends, where players can prove their skills in the game’s ranked divisions and compete directly against players of the same skill level. 

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“In Apex Legends, if you feel like your good enough, you take a shot at competitive. There’s this whole Challenger League that feeds into the Pro League. It’s really cool, you just keep climbing…The bar keeps moving higher and higher, which is fun for a guy like me,” said Nick. “You all know how competitive I am, I like to find things to grind.”

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The streamer also noted just how complex Apex Legends is, noting how the game has layers to it and that there are plenty of advanced mechanics to master. It’s certainly clear NICKMERCS is a huge fan of Apex and it’s great to see him so passionate about the game. 

Whether Nick will return to Warzone in the future remains to be seen, but for now, it seems that the content creator is happy to continue his competitive climb. 

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