NICKMERCS explains why Apex Legends doesn’t need Warzone-style sequel

NICKMERCS in Apex Legends on Olympus mapRespawn/EA

NICKMERCS played Warzone 2 early and enjoyed it, but he doesn’t believe Apex Legends needs a sequel.

At Call of Duty Next, over 100 content creators got their hands on Warzone 2 for the first time. The highly anticipated battle royale sequel polarized community members because of the addition of AI implementation, removal of loadouts, and the new Gulag.

NICKMERCS liked the game but credited his feelings to the “honeymoon phase.” The streamer doubts any significant changes will be made before Warzone 2’s official release.

EA claimed 2022 is “the biggest year yet,” for Apex Legends, and on August 10, Apex Legends hit a peak player count of 510,286 on Steam only. NICKMERCS praised Apex’s recent success and argued the battle royale doesn’t need a sequel like Warzone.

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NICKMERCS praises Apex Legend’s succes

A chat member said Apex 2 would be insane, but NICMERCS disagreed.

He argued, “I don’t think we need an Apex 2; that’s not what battle royales are. Battle royales need consistent updates.”

NICKMERCS continued, “I think Apex has done a great job over the last year and a half. This new map they put out was awesome; many of the new characters and stuff are awesome, and they made some quality of life changes.”

Apex Legends Season 14 added a new Legend, Vantage, reworked Kings Canyon, and seriously changed up the game’s meta. The battle royale follows a similar formula to Fortnite, regularly updating the game with seasonal updates.

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Looking back on his most significant decisions, NICKMERCS believed he made the right choice, shifting from CoD to Apex.

“I am so happy I am not stuck on CoD. That was a great decision. When I reflect on all my decisions, it was a great decision to jump ship and play Apex.”