NICKMERCS explains what his life would be like if he wasn’t a big streamer

NICKMERCS smiling on streamNICKMERCS

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff is known for his high energy streams and positive personality, but the popular content creator has revealed what he’d do if he wasn’t a streamer. 

Those familiar with NICKMERCS’ content will know just how much he loves Apex Legends, especially when it comes to the game’s competitive scene. In fact, since the streamer’s departure from Warzone, Nick’s channel has been heavily focused on Respawn’s BR. 

When he’s not busying grinding ranked matches, the content creator has been delving into the Apex Legends Global Series – the game’s pro scene where only the best compete. 

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However, during his recent Fortnite stream, Nick revealed what his life would be like if he wasn’t a big streamer. 

NICKMERCS reveals ideal day job

NICKMERCS enjoys competing in video games, especially Apex Legends.

When asked why Nick isn’t going to attend the Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix, despite purchasing VIP tickets, the streamer revealed his main reason. “I care more about being an Apex pro than really anything else, to be honest,” explained the content creator. 

“I’m a competitor, man. I could be doing anything I want and I still compete in video games. I’ve got news for you, if I didn’t have no stream, no damn sponsors, none of this sh*t – I’d be competing in video games.” 

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When discussing why he prefers Apex Legends to other battle royale games, Nick has often stated how much he enjoys the ranked grind and skill progression that comes from competing. It’s this mindset that spurs the streamer on to achieve his goals. 

“Granted, I might have a day job, but when my ass comes home from work, you better believe it’s ALGS night. That’s what I’d be doing because it’s what I love doing. Full transparency, I’d rather be playing in that f*cking tournament than going to the F1 either way.”

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It’s clear that Nick is incredibly committed to Apex Legends and it’s inspiring to hear how he’d still compete competitively, even if he wasn’t a popular streamer.