NICKMERCS explains most important aspect of Apex Legends and it’s not abilities

. 24 days ago
NICKMERCS next to Valkyrie in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment / Twitch: NICKMERCS

Popular Twitch streamer turned ALGS competitor Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has explained why he thinks gun skill is more important than Legend abilities in Apex Legends. 

NICKMERCS’ recent transition from Twitch streamer to Apex Legends Global Series competitor has been nothing short of spectacular, with the former Gears of War pro more than holding his own among the very best Apex players in the world.

He’s frequently shared tips for other players to improve rapidly at Apex Legends, encouraging players to play as fast as possible even if it means wins won’t be guaranteed.

Now, in a June 9 YouTube video, NICKMERCS has outlined why he thinks gun skill is more important to players than Legend abilities in Respawn’s battle royale.

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Respawn Entertainment
NICKMERCS is now competing in the ALGS.

When using Wraith, a number of viewers commented that Nick wasn’t actually wedded to using her abilities in matches, despite the well-known strengths her Dimensional Rift Ultimate brings with it. 

Explaining, Nick said that he believes gun skill is the most important skill to master in Apex, with a complete understanding of when and how to use Legend abilities secondary.

“You barely use her kit?” he read. “I mean, true, I’m not gonna argue that. That’s what I’m tryna tell you guys. Kit and abilities and stuff like that are definitely important but the more important thing I think in this game is just shooting your f**king gun. Take the gunfight. A lot of us come from CoD, Gears of War, Halo – just shoot man.”

Timestamp: 8:50 

He continued: “People get caught up in the kits. That’s kinda what I’m saying. Right, whereas if you have good gun skill… put all your eggs in that basket and you’ll learn the players over time. You just gotta play.”

It certainly fits with his earlier advice to play as aggressively as possible. Combine that with strong gun skill and you’ll undoubtedly improve, even if your complete knowledge of when and how to use Legends may lag behind slightly. After all, it’s worked for NICKMERCS.

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