NICKMERCS says hackers in games like CoD & Apex Legends should be sent to jail

Nickmercs in Twitch streamTwitch: NICKMERCS

Twitch streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has claimed that players who use hacking software in video games should be punished with jail time when caught out.

Hacking has become a huge problem in online games, especially in competitive shooter games or battle royale titles such as Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and more.

Despite developers’ best efforts to create anti-cheat software that can weed these cheaters out, they’re never perfect, and hackers still thrive with updated programs that keep them able to see players through walls or automatically lock on to others, completely ruining the game for their opponents.

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With bans not always being completely efficient, and cheaters able to return in some capacity be it with a new account, new hardware, or something else, NICKMERCS thinks more drastic measures need to be taken.

“If you cheat & hack in video games, you should 100% be sent to jail,” he said. “I know the majority of y’all are busy touching grass & sh*t, that’s lit, super happy for ya. But your boy just spent 20 hours getting hacked on in online video games & I’ve had enough.”

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Obviously, the post garnered a lot of attention, with people either agreeing that such measures should be taken, or laughing at the prospect of someone being jailed for cheating in a video game.

Fellow Apex Legends star iiTzTimmy came up with a more lenient solution, saying that players should have a profile attached to every game they play, and if they get caught hacking in one they’re punished across the board because it goes on their gaming record.

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There’s clearly an appetite for better punishment for cheaters, but it’s easier said than done to come up with a fair, permanent solution.

This post from Nick came just hours after Activision revealed a major update to their Ricochet anti-cheat software in Call of Duty in an attempt to crack down on Cronus users, a move that many Apex Legends players immediately called for Respawn to emulate.

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