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NiceWigg explains why “broken” Caustic is key for Apex Legends Ranked

Published: 9/Jan/2022 15:16

by Connor Bennett


100 Thieves’ Jack ‘NiceWigg’ Martin believes that Caustic is not only “broken” in Apex Legends, but also the key to ranking up. However, he believes the legend is in a tricky spot when it comes to changes. 

Ever since the start of Apex Legends, Caustic has always been a go-to legend for some of the battle royale’s most dedicated players.

Even though the Toxic Trapper has had issues in the past – mainly in regards to his gas damage – he is in a decent spot in Season 11, rubbing elbows with the likes of Bloodhound and Valkyrie as one of the strongest characters.


While some players might believe that Caustic is in need of some nerfs, Apex Legends streamer NiceWigg believes the “broken” legend is in a tricky spot in regards to changes.

Gas diffusion caustic
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Caustic’s main strength as a Legend is his ability to control and lockdown an area.

During a recent session of games, the 100 Thieves content creator was quizzed about Caustic by a fan, who asked why he believes that the Toxic Trapper is so overpowered.

“I think Caustic’s just really broken. I think he’s just a really strong legend,” NiceWigg said, noting that some players are reluctant to initiate fights with a Caustic trio in Ranked play currently. That gives Caustic users the comfort to grab the Ranked Points they need to avoid having to be too aggressive later on in games.


In terms of balancing the defensive legend, though, NiceWigg claims that’s “genuinely tough” for Respawn. “One nerf can make him useless, one buff can make him strong enough to solo The Avengers,” he added.


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While there might be some appetite to see Caustic and his gas traps brought down a notch, it might not happen anytime soon, given he is generally in a solid state.

Should the gas traps become too overbearing, as they have been in recent seasons, then Respawn might need to address thing, but we’ll have to wait and see on that front.