New Graffiti Mod Hop-Up added in Apex Legends – how it works

GhostSystemDE via Reddit / Respawn Entertainment

As part of the Always Be Closing Evolved LTM, a new Hop-Up has been added in Apex Legends called the ‘Graffiti Mod’ and it’s giving people the ability to light up the Arena with a fresh coat of paint.

With Season 6 on the horizon, Respawn have been providing more clues about where they want to take the game in the next chapter. Players have already caught wind of the nods to Apex Games’ creator Blisk as well as upcoming Legend, Rampart.

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This includes graffiti portraits and messages around the Arena that were originally pegged as teasers for the new character. It looks like Respawn are continuing that trend with the next Hop-Up for the Spitfire that gives it lethal ‘paintballs’ to shoot.

The attachment is simply called the ‘Graffiti Mod’ and, as far as we can tell, it’s currently only available for the Spitfire, giving the LMG an increased magazine size and reload speed. It also stocks the gun up with paint-loaded rounds that burst into color as soon as they make impact.

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Respawn Entertainment
Rampart’s logo is associated with the new Graffiti Hop-Up.

Once selected and equipped, your gun will discharge purple, yellow, green, or random color pellets that can be toggled with B or the left button on a D-Pad.

As of now, the attachment is only available in the Always Be Closing Evolved LTM, and it’s unclear if the Respawn intends this to be a permanent feature in Apex Legends, but it has a few too many connections to Rampart for it to be totally temporary.

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Not only has the new Legend’s appearance been literally marked with graffiti throughout the Apex Games, but the Graffiti Mod also shared direct nods to her appearance in the Season 6 Boosted Launch trailer.

When hovering on the Graffiti Mod, the icon that distinguishes the attachment is the encircled ‘R’ that can be seen in front of Rampart’s shop and branded on her armor.

This could be a way for the studio to get players hyped for the upcoming Legend by integrating some of the firepower that her ability kit will provide with a new item attachment.

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Apex Legends Season 6: Boosted will launch on Tuesday, August 18 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.