New Explosives Expert character would make awesome addition to Apex Legends

Reddit u/designty / Respawn

An Apex Legends player has created a concept for a new character called ‘Fuse,’ whose expertise in explosives would make him an interesting addition to the game’s pool of playable Legends.

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One of the aspects of Apex Legends that makes it unique to other battle royale titles is the fact that each of the nine playable characters, called Legends, offers its own set of Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate Abilities.

With Respawn Entertainment already having confirmed that more Legends are on the way, what would be a better addition than Fuse, a concept character created by Reddit user ‘designty.’

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Remote Detonator Tactical Ability

According to the concept, Fuse’s Tactical Ability would be called Remote Detonator, allowing him to remotely detonate any and all ordinances, or explosives, in his inventory, as opposed to the default mechanic of them exploding on their own. 

In order to prevent this ability from being too overpowered, there would be a three second cooldown period enforced, which would mitigate the threat of spam detonations. 

Respawn EntertainmentThe Remote Detonator Tactical Ability would apply to all kinds of ordinances, including grenades, arc stars, and thermite.

Stockpile Passive Ability

Fuse’s Passive Ability would be called Stockpile, which would allow “ordinances to be carried in stacks of three in your inventory,” all of which would be able to be remotely detonated using the Tactical Ability.

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Essentially, this would give players the capability of carrying a lot more ordinances than they normally might be willing to, which makes sense considering Fuse is a “explosives expert.”

Respawn EntertainmentThe Ultimate Ability of Fuse would work similarly to the Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap, protecting a certain area of the map.

Thermite Drone Ultimate Ability

Last but not least, the Fuse’s Ultimate Ability would be called Thermite Drone, allowing the Legend to deploy an explosive drone that would “patrol a small proximity and seek out any enemies that enter it, exploding into thermite.”

This would, in essence, be similar to the Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap ability, as it would provide a defensive cover on a certain small area of the map where the Drone would be dropped. 

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Reddit u/designty

Would Fuse work in Apex Legends?

Judging my the tremendous feedback the concept has gotten on Reddit, it’s safe to assume that the player would love to see a character like Fuse added to Apex Legends.

One popular change to the concept that was proposed on Reddit was that the Thermite Drone should have something that gives its position away, like a noise or flashing light, so that it doesn’t become too overpowered of a trap. 

It would be interesting to see whether he would be categorized as a defensive Legend, because of the Thermite Drone, or an offensive one, because of the ability to remotely detonate ordinances.

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