How the new Evo Shield works in Apex Legends

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Respawn Entertainment have introduced the Evo Shield in Apex Legends Season 4, as part of the System Override Collection Event that launched on March 3.

The new System Override Collection Event introduced new content and changes in Apex Legends, such as the Evo Shield – a new type of equipment that will completely change up the meta.

Traditionally, any armor you have on in Apex Legends remains the same throughout the match, but this new piece will actually get stronger as you eliminate enemies.

A new type of shield is coming to Apex Legends.

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It changes colors to become stronger as you dish out more damage on non-downed enemy players and it actually has the potential to become stronger than the Epic Body Shield.

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The devs didn’t reveal the damage dealt threshold players will have to reach, so there’s a chance it could end up being harder to level up than it sounds, but that remains to be seen.

The progression of the armor will transfer between players, which means that you can actually take a leveled-up version from another player if you eliminate them and loot their death box.

Harvester in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Season 4 is getting another upgrade.

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The only catch, and it’s a considerable one, is that Evo Shields are currently only available in the new Deja Loot limited-time mode, which was also introduced as part of the System Override event.

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However, that said, Respawn have made it clear that they would be willing to consider adding it to the game’s main core default modes if player feedback is positive enough.

So think of this LTM as a testing ground for the new armor, and only time will tell if it’ll ever get added to the permanent playlists.

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Is this the leaked evolving shield?

It certainly sounds like this is an item we’ve known about ahead of time, and now, it’s finally making its way to the game.

Information about this evolving shield was first revealed by YouTuber The Gaming Merchant all the way back in September, so it seems clear that Respawn had ideas for this for quite a while now.

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With the System Override Collection Event just having kicked off, it’s still too early to tell whether or not players are liking this new type of body armor. As always, we’ll make sure to bring you the latest news if and when Respawn make any further announcements about it.