New Apex Legends glitch lets players fly across the entire map

Albert Petrosyan

It would appear that Apex Legends is not experiencing a shortage of game-breaking glitches as a new bug found in the game is allowing players to fly across the map.

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Despite its explosive success, Apex Legends continues to be littered with glitches and bugs, as well as players who exploit them to their advantage.

While many of these bugs are mild, a few are certainly game-breaking, to the point that they threaten the integrity of the game, such as this recently discovered flying glitch.

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Twitch streamer demonstrates flying glitch

On April 12, Twitch streamer ‘higrad3snipez’ posted a clip in which he and his teammates were able to exploit a mechanic in the game to the point where they were able to fly across the map.

In the clip, the streamer can be seen punching a supply crate several times, before he and his teammates simply take off like rockets from a standstill position and get high enough into the air where nearly the entire map became visible.

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How does this glitch work?

While the exact mechanics behind the glitch remain unknown, one user on Reddit noted that it resembled other “momentum storing glitches,” such as the one players use to run at a very high speed.

The user explained that the action of punching the supply cart in a way that didn’t allow the player’s body to recoil as it normally would resulted in momentum being stored, so that the next time the player jumps, the game releases all of that built up momentum and shoots the player straight into the sky.


Game-breaking glitches in Apex Legends

This flying glitch isn’t the first game-breaking glitch to be discovered in Apex Legends, and it likely won’t be the last.

In the past, bugs and exploits in the game have allowed players to continue shooting their weapon even after being knocked down, see through the Bangalore’s smoke grenades, run at very high speeds, and melee so fast that players were eliminated in seconds.

The game is still very young, of course, so stuff like this is expected to happen. But the developers at Respawn would do well do clean things up before these kinds of things get too out of hand.