New Apex Legends feature would perfectly solve disconnect issue

Albert Petrosyan

Despite its immense success, Apex Legends remains full of issues, although there seems to be a simple idea that would fix one of the more annoying bugs.

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Any Apex player would tell you that arguably the most frustrating issue in Apex Legends is one that causes players to constantly disconnect, which not only ends their match but also forces the rest of the team to play undermanned.

The solutions that Respawn Entertainment offered have proven to be temporary at best, as the issue remains a huge negative to the overall gaming experience.

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Until Respawn can figure out what’s causing the issue and patch it up, players have come up with a concept on Reddit that would be the perfect solution for disconnections. 

The idea is for a feature that would allow players who’ve disconnected from a match to connect back and continue playing from where they left off.

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The way this would work is once a player disconnects, the body of their character would stand immobile for 45 seconds, during which the player will have a chance to restart their game and reconnect.

During this 45 second period, the character would continue to be a part of the game as normal, meaning enemies can shoot it down and loot the inventory crate.

Once the player reconnects, they can then continue playing normally from the point where they disconnected. If their character happens to be eliminated by then, teammates can still retrieve its card and respawn it back via one of the beacons.

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However, if the player is unable to reconnect by the end of the 45 seconds, then their character will simply turn into a normal loot crate and the player will no longer have the option to try and rejoin the match. 

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This feature would offer a lot of positives to the Apex Legends gaming experience without really having any potential downsides or negatives.

For one, it would allow players to avoid the major frustration of being kicked out of a match, especially if they were having a solid game. It would also save teams from unnecessarily having to play a man down, which can be the difference between winning and losing. 

There would also not really be any way to exploit or abuse this, as it would only work for players who have seen their connection to a match be severed. 

A feature like this would never really go to waste either, even after the issue gets fixed, as there are always going to be situations where players get disconnected.