New Apex Legends exploit makes Wraith nearly impossible to fight

Wraith's infinite Into The Void tactical exploitRespawn Entertainment

Wraith is already at the top of the Apex Legends popularity chart in Season 11 but this new exploit makes her almost impossible to knock down in a fight. 

Staying alive is the name of the game for Apex’s resident Voidwalker, and a newly discovered bug is helping her do so better than ever before.

Wraith’s tactical ability Into The Void allows her to shift dimensions, meaning she can get in and out of fights without putting herself directly in harm’s way. It’s already pretty powerful, but a glitch that removes its cooldown entirely makes keeping up with her an almost insurmountable task.

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Apex Legends exploit makes Wraith impossible to fight

Apex Legends WraithRespawn Entertainment
Wraith is still the most popular legend in the game and this exploit will likely only increase the distance between her and the competition for a while.

As shown in a video by Apex YouTuber RossBobSquirrel, this reset happens after wall-bouncing right at the end of a Voidwalk.

There is a small window of opportunity where interrupting the end of the ability with a bounce will actually eliminate the need for a cooldown, allowing Wraith to immediately phase shift again immediately.

While we’ve previously seen resets that are only functional for Mouse and Keyboard players, this can be pulled off no matter what input a player is using, so console players could potentially do it too.

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In the comments of the video, one user simultaneously joked about Wraith’s spike in popularity in Season 11 and took a shot at her poor past performance at the same time: “Wraith mains practice in firing range: Before – exiting to lobby in seconds, now- unlimited phase.” 

Of course, an exploit like this raises several concerns about the state of the game. In an effort to explain how broken this could be, another commenter provided a scenario in which this could drastically affect the outcome of a game: “Now I shall take eight different storm fights and win with a cheese exploit. I hope this vid gets more popular so Respawn can patch it.” 

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This is just one of a few issues — like the infinite charge Rampage glitch — that the devs will have to address to start off the year.

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