Apex Legends

New Apex Legends easter egg teases major Season 5 map changes

by Alan Bernal


A newly discovered Apex Legends easter egg added more information to the battle royale’s deep lore, while also teasing possible changes to Kings Canyon in Season 5.

Landing at the Dome on World's Edge, user ‘HIRUZENandENMA’ showed how to find the new easter egg in Apex Legends. After activating the Ares Division device, a small map of a laboratory maze beneath the ground can be seen on the screen.

Aside from the valuable information that it adds to the Apex lore tag, it also serves as the first of many teasers for Season 5 – which could take players to a new map or back to an upgraded Kings Canyon.

HIRUZENandENMA via Reddit
This could be the first of many Apex Legends Season 5 teasers.


With the end of Season 4 seemingly on the horizon, it’s not uncommon for Respawn to begin the hype train for the next chapter of the game - but the direct implications they tend to have for the title is a grasping element that keeps players on their toes.

A prominent location during Kings Canyon was the underground facility called ‘Singh Labs.’ Although the image of the device shows noticeable extensions, possibly foreshadowing reconstruction from the blocked off corridors in the game.

However, a direct link to possible changes in the next season is murky, at best. Respawn could be planning a series of hints to come.


There’s a relationship outside of the Apex Legends servers, where the devs plant interactive games while waiting for the community to stumble onto its trail. It’s a fun dynamic like this that keeps the community locked into any follow-up teasers.

'TheGamingMerchant,' a prominent Apex data miner and lore master, can already see the implications this kind of teaser might have.

“‘Has the puzzle just began, or is there more to the puzzle?’” TheGamingMerchant asked.

(timestamp at 0:52 for mobile readers)



Data miner ‘The_Suum’ also shared an image of “some underground thing” which could be linked to a future teaser

An image from another miner called ‘Shrugtal’ shows what could be a schedule for future teasers, as well.

There are bound to be more surprises as Apex Legends ramps up to Season 5, and fans will be anticipating and speculate about the next chapter for the battle royale.