Mirage Heirloom set revealed for Apex Legends Lost Treasures event

Mirage pointing next to Apex Legends logoRespawn Entertainment

Respawn has finally revealed the new Mirage Heirloom — a hilarious golden statue of the Holographic Trickster himself ⁠— which is set to drop in Apex Legends Season 5 as part of the new Lost Treasures Collection Event.

Heirlooms are widely regarded as the rarest cosmetic items in Apex Legends.  The in-game items are very difficult to unlock, and often come slapped with a fairly hefty price. There are also only a few in the battle royale so far.

On June 23, alongside the launch of Apex’s Lost Treasures Collection Event, smooth-talking larrikin Mirage will be the next to get his own premier melee item. Fittingly, the self-centered Legend’s Heirloom will be a golden statue of himself.

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Respawn gave us our first proper look at the new heirloom in June 18’s Lost Treasures reveal trailer. Mirage could be seen wielding the rare cosmetic against an enemy Revenant before declaring he “doesn’t need guns” anymore.

As has been the case with other Apex Legends Heirlooms in the past, Mirage’s rare cosmetic will come with three items in its set. As well as the hilarious statue, the set will also include a banner pose and an intro quip.

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How to get “free” Mirage Heirloom

Respawn has dubbed Mirage’s brand-new toy “free,” as they do for all Heirlooms, but any fan of the battle royale knows that’s not entirely true. To unlock the new cosmetic, Apex players will be tasked with collecting Lost Treasure items.

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Once the new collection event goes live, there will be 24-event exclusive items available from packs, direct purchase, or through the Apex Legends crafting system. Once you’ve unlocked all 24, Mirage’s Heirloom is automatically added to your inventory, ready to be equipped.

There is another way to get the Heirloom that requires a little less grind, hopefully. Once the Lost Treasures event comes to an end, the Mirage Heirloom will be cycled into regular Apex packs. There’s still a bit of luck involved there though!

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Mirage wields his Lost Treasure Heirloom item in Apex Legends.Respawn Entertainment
Could the new Mirage Heirloom have been any more perfect?

The new Mirage Heirloom was far from the only new feature announced for Apex Legends in the huge EA Play livestream. The battle royale is set to enable cross-play in 2020, as reported by Dexerto before the stream. Apex is also finally set to switch to Steam later this year too.

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In the near future, the Apex Legends Lost Treasures event is the biggest thing for fans, however. The event will debut Crypto’s Town Takeover. It will also see the return of the “Armed and Dangerous” LTM, and much more from June 23.