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Mendo suggests all of the ways that Respawn can “fix” Apex Legends

Published: 24/Apr/2019 23:39 Updated: 24/Apr/2019 23:40

by Albert Petrosyan


Former Overwatch pro Lucas ‘Mendokusaii’ Håkansson, one of the biggest names in the Apex Legends community, has suggested what Respawn Entertainment can do to “fix” their game. 

There’s no hiding the fact that the popularity of Apex Legends has noticeably plateaued since the explosive success the game initially experienced when it was first released. 

Things have gotten to the point where expert financial analysts are calling the game “wildly overrated” and “fading fast,” just months after many were titling the game as the first ever true rival to Fortnite Battle Royale.

Mendo’s list of suggestions to Respawn

In an effort to help the developers at Respawn improve Apex Legends to the point where it’s back in the players’ good graces, Mendo has offered a list of suggestions that could go towards “fixing” the game.

Mendo, of course, is a world-record holder in Apex and considered to be one of the best players in the world, so there’s no doubt he definitely knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the battle royale title. 

GosuGamerMendo, a former Overwatch pro, is considered to be one of the best Apex Legends players in the world.

Apex needs a ranked mode, and fast

Mendo starts things off by imploring Respawn to “rush” and put out a “semi-functional” ranked mode that will at least keep players engaged in terms of both playing and watching.

He mentions that an MMR based matchmaking system is not needed, and that a simply separate ranked queue along with leaderboards, reward ranks, and a top-500 style list should be enough for now. 

Solos and Duos are a must

When Apex Legends was first released, many were perplexed that the default mode required teams of three. 

Mendo, along with almost everyone in the community, wants to see Solos and Duos playlists be added to the game to make the game flexible and give players new options. 

Respawn EntertainmentThe fact that Apex still only features a trios playlists and not solos or duos is frustrating players.

Balancing patches and new content

The lack of new content has been one of the major points of criticism that Respawn have been hit with, and Mendo suggests that whatever they do plan on releasing, they should be transparent about in announcing it beforehand.

One type of content he proposed was separate new game modes for certain parts of the map, such as a “Skull Town only” mode where players play a deathmatch-style game limited to the confines of Skull Town.

As for balancing updates, Mendo pleads for the devs to listen to the competitive community and not just go off of statistics when considering what kinds of tuning adjustments they should make to weapons and Legends. 

Respawn EntertainmentMendo believes that having location-specific modes, such as Skull Town, would be a huge positive for Apex Legends.

Changes to Pathfinder and Gibraltar

Regarding Pathfinder’s hitboxes, which continue to be a major issue in Apex Legends, Mendo suggests that making them bigger would help balance things out, and if it ends up making the Legend less viable, so be it.

As for Gibraltar, he recommends the new and interest ideas be applied to the Legend to make it more usable, not just the generic 10% damage reduction that was given to it in a recent update. 

Respawn EntertainmentChanges to Pathfinder and Gibraltar are still needed in Apex, according to Mendo.

Think in the positive, not in the negative

Mendo rounded off his list of suggestions by imploring Respawn to think in the positive, as in adding things to the game rather than removing them.

One example of this is when dealing with aspects that may be considered overpowered, the devs should look to buff or add to other things to make them match up better rather than nerfing what people are complaining about.

Mendo’s full list of suggestions can be found in a massive thread of tweets on his Twitter page, starting with the one below:

Will Respawn listen?

While all of things that Mendo has proposed do make sense in terms of helping improve Apex Legends, the main question remains on whether Respawn is willing to apply those suggestions to their development scheme.

So far, the developers have not really met the standards imposed on them by the players, and it remains unclear if they can step up enough to satisfy those that remain disappointed. 

Apex Legends

Proposed Apex Legends buffs would make Loba & Lifeline even better teammates

Published: 25/Jan/2021 3:04 Updated: 25/Jan/2021 3:22

by Theo Salaun


Apex Legends fans are well-aware of how impactful character abilities are to the battle royale and have come up with a few buffs that would turn Loba and Lifeline into consummate teammates.

Both Loba and Lifeline already boast abilities that make their team’s lives easier. But players believe each character could use a slight buff to increase viability at every tier of play.

Loba, in particular, has been subjected to numerous concepts — including a recent buff idea to the “Burglar’s Best Friend” teleportation bracelet. That idea, changing cool-down based on teleportation distance, caught the eye of Respawn Entertainment’s Lead Game Designer Daniel Klein, who revealed that the team is considering all options.

One such option has now been brought up by Reddit’s ‘eatmeupin30sec,’ who thinks that Loba’s ultimate, “Black Market Boutique,” could be used in an even more team-friendly fashion. Suggesting that the Black Market be able to pick up fallen teammates’ banners, eatmeupin30sec spurred quality discourse and another idea to buff Lifeline.

Loba should be able to pick up her teammates banners with her ultimate from apexlegends

The Loba idea is a reasonable one. Just as Crypto can use his drone to pick up the banners left behind by killed teammates from afar, Loba’s Black Market could receive a slight tweak for a similar function. This would simply give the Legend an additional boost should their team run into unfortunate circumstances.

Thinking of abilities that could help a team in dire circumstances, another Redditor’s buff concept for Lifeline got positive feedback. The support character’s kit is team-focused and ‘brachyboy1’ suggests that could be furthered by enabling her ultimate, “Care Package,” to serve as a Respawn Beacon.

Considering how long her ultimate takes to charge, this buff could give it an additional bump in utility — especially toward the later parts of a match.

YouTube: Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Buffing Lifeline’s Care Package could make her a more viable Legend.

While Respawn is unlikely to touch any buffs or nerfs just yet, these are interesting, team-focused ideas that make both characters more viable. And, as each Legend’s ultimate loses allure once a team is already kitted in the later game, these buffs maintain utility throughout a match.

With thousands of upvotes and hundreds of comments, it’s clear that the Apex community believes each Legend could use a slight rework and that these suggestions hold weight. Klein is active on social media, so we’ll be monitoring any official response from the developers.