Mad Maggie’s Ultimate is breaking footstep audio in Apex Legends

Alex Garton
Mad Maggie Ultimate glitch
Respawn Entertainment

A frustrating glitch involving Mad Maggie’s Wrecking Ball Ultimate seems to be breaking footstep audio in Apex Legends by making it significantly louder.

While gunplay, maps, and Legend abilities will always be the most important aspects of Apex, audio is a factor that often gets overlooked.

With each of the POIs in the Outlands packed with obstacles, buildings, and terrain for players to traverse, the ability to hear an enemy’s footsteps is absolutely essential.

For a long time, this has been a significant issue in Apex, with a lot of the community complaining that audio will simply disappear at crucial moments, exposing them to surprise attacks from opposing squads.

Well, a new bug involving Maggie’s Ultimate appears to be causing players with the opposite issue, amplifying the audio to the point where it’s impossible to concentrate or hear anything but your own footsteps.

Mad Mad Maggie Seer combo
Respawn Entertainment
Mad Maggie arrived back in February, 2022.

Maggie bug is making footsteps frustratingly loud in Apex

Complaints about audio in Apex usually involve a lack of sound, but in iiTzTimmy’s case, he had the opposite issue after using the speed boost from Mad Maggie’s Ultimate.

After aggressively rushing down a squad using the speed pads dropped by Maggie’s Wrecking Ball, Timmy noticed that his footsteps with twice as loud as they were before.

He immediately realized that he’d been hit with an “audio bug” that made it impossible to hear any of the important sounds in-game.

Not only that, the strange sound differences were clearly enough to put Timmy off and made it hard for him to concentrate on important gunfights.

With the Xbox input lag issues, replicator glitch, and hit reg problems facing Apex at the moment, it’s unlikely that Maggie’s audio bug is going to be prioritized.

However, this is certainly something to look out for in your matches if you ever play with a Rebel Warlord. At a glance, it does appear as if the amplified audio is only present for the player experiencing the bug, and not the rest of the lobby.

So at the very least, this issue shouldn’t make it any easier for opposing squads to track you down on the map.