Apex Legends

How to link your Apex Legends account to Steam

by Paul Cot


Apex Legends is taking the Battle Royale genre by storm. There's only so much fun you can have with random teammates, however. Here's how to link your Steam account to Apex Legends.


Apex Legends Not On Steam

The casual gamer can be forgiven for not understanding why Apex Legends isn't on Steam. The PC version of Apex Legends, being a game published by EA, is exclusively available on Origin. For those who don't know, Origin is essentially EA's version of Steam.

Nevertheless, players can still link their account Steam account. Doing this will allow you to partner up with players from your Steam friends list.


Link Your Steam Account to Apex Legends

The process of linking your Steam account to Apex Legends is relatively simple. Follow these steps!

  1. On the Apex Legends main menu navigate to the friends button in the bottom right-hand corner
  2. The following screen will have a "Link Steam Account" button on the left hand side
  3. Clicking that link will open a web browser where you'll be able to complete some simple steps to finalize the process
  4. Once completed your Steam friends list will be imported into Apex Legends
  5. From there select your friend to send them an invite

This means you won't have to pray to the gaming gods that teammates have a headset on. You won't have the risk of getting paired with a brand new player either!

Link Steam account to Apex Legends... Screens referenced in above steps


Apex Legends The New Big Battle Royale Game?

Apex Legends was only announced, teased and released on February 4. It is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox.

The free to play Battle Royale game has made headlines throughout the gaming world this week. These headlines have almost entirely been positive.

Interestingly, so far, Apex Legends has been able to boast a player count that not only rivals Fortnite and PUBG numbers now, but when they were first released also.

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