Lifeline reaches new Apex Legends low as healer’s play rate plummets in Season 13


Lifeline’s pick rate has reached an all-time low in Apex Legends Season 13, just weeks after Respawn confirmed she wouldn’t be getting any changes this season despite the decline.

It’s been a while since Lifeline was considered a tier-one pick in Apex Legends. The decision to remove her res shield in Season 9 proved to be a fatal nerf, and her pick rate has been in a sharp decline ever since.

Despite that, though, the developers confirmed she wouldn’t be getting any changes in Season 13. As a result, her pick rate has plummeted even more, and it’s gotten to the point where it’s reached a historic low.

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apex legends lifeline making peace symbol while leaning on D.O.C droneRespawn Entertainment
Lifeline’s pick rate reached a historic low in Apex Legends Season 13.

According to data collected by Apex Legends Status, Lifeline’s pick rate is currently sitting at 3.9%. It’s much lower than when it peaked at 9.5% in Season 9, and it’s the lowest it’s ever been since the game launched.

Of course, it doesn’t mean she’s the least popular pick on the roster. She still scrapes in the top ten most picked legends. However, if the current trajectory continues, she’ll be overtaken by Loba, Fuse, Rampart, and Gibraltar, and drop further down the list.

Apex Legends Lifeline slideRespawn Entertainment
Lifeline’s pick rate might continue to slide if nothing changes.

As it stands, Lifeline’s heal drone isn’t particularly effective. It pales compared to some of the other utility now in the game like Newcastle’s Retrieve The Wounded ability, which lets him drag downed allies to safety.

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So, the best thing she’s got going for her at the moment is her ultimate, Care Package. However, while it can be useful, it isn’t enough to convince players to pick her. It will be interesting to see how Respawn handles the situation.