Lifeline finally getting Apex Legends rework in Lost Treasures event

Respawn Entertainment

Lifeline is set to receive a pretty hefty rework when the Apex Legends Lost Treasure event drops onto live servers early next week, according to the teaser animation revealed in the update’s trailer shown during EA Play Live 2020.

The first four seasons of Apex Legends saw each of the release Legends, and the expansion debutants that were added soon after, remain basically the same. Season 5 tipped that on its head, however, with a mega-sized Mirage rework.

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With the potential for Legends to have their iconic abilities and powers reworked now on the table, Apex players have been begging Respawn to take a look at a few of the battle royale’s other struggling characters, like Octane and Lifeline.

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Lost Treasures trailer reveals Lifeline rework

Those prayers have been answered, at least when it comes to Apex’s popular Combat Medic ⁠— Lifeline is set to receive a rework to her healing abilities. We’ve already had a first glimpse at the tweaks too, in the Lost Treasures teaser.

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In the June 18 video, a Lifeline can be seen rescuing a downed Bangalore teammate. After they start the revive animation, however, the Lifeline steps away from her squadmate, who plugs the D.O.C. Heal Drone in herself.

See the new Lifeline mechanic in action here:

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On the live servers, Lifeline’s passive “generates a shield wall roughly in front of [her]” whenever she revives teammates. The kicker is, like any other Legend in the game, Lifeline has to stay stationary while she’s reviving.

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Lifeline rework lets her take hands-off approach to healing

This new Season 5 rework looks to take away that restriction. This should give Lifeline more freedom to actually fulfil her role as the battle royale’s Combat Medic.

The South African healer can now fight back against rushing enemies, all while restoring her squadmates and bringing them back into the fight too.

Respawn has yet to officially comment on this rework. They did admit back in May they were “trying things” to try and give Lifeline back some of her original Season 1 power though. They decided to pull the trigger after Mirage’s work success.

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Respawn have admitted Mirage's successful rework has opened the door for more Apex Legends overhauls in the future.Respawn Entertainment
Respawn have admitted Mirage’s successful rework has opened the door for more Apex Legends overhauls in the future.

Lifeline overhaul could make trades to “sidegrade” her

If Lifeline is set to receive some tweaks to her Apex Legends ability kit, it lines up with what Respawn lead game designer Carlos Pineda said back on May 15 as well. He suggested the Apex healer would be looked at pretty soon.

There could be a few tradeoffs with any rework to Lifeline’s healing though. Pineda admitted Respawn would rather “sidegrade” the character rather than straight boost her stats. This is due to the fact Respawn believes she “does not need a buff at all.”

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This sidegrade could be based around timings. At the moment, using D.O.C. to help downed allies takes Lifeline four seconds. If she leaves the robot, it may revert to the usual five. She may even lose her fast healing altogether.

Lifeline was dethroned as Apex's best healer after Mirage was reworked. Respawn are hoping to put her back on her pedestal. Respawn Entertainment
Lifeline was dethroned as Apex’s best healer after Mirage was reworked. Respawn are hoping to put her back on her pedestal.

As mentioned above, Respawn has yet to officially confirm what changes they have in the chamber for Apex’s iconic healer. Keep your eyes peeled for the Lost Treasures patch notes here on Dexerto for the full details next week.

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The new Apex Legends collection event won’t just be bringing a long-awaited Lifeline rework either ⁠— Crypto will be the next Legend to get a Town Takeover, while the old LTM “Armed & Dangerous” is set to make a return too.