Apex Legends

Leaked Apex Legends trailer reveals Revenant for Season 4

by Connor Bennett


Another leak from Apex Legends has hinted at the arrival of Revenant as a new legend in Season 4 and it could spell disaster for Forge. 

Throughout some early portions of season three, it seemed all but nailed on that Revenant would finally emerge from the shadows and make their arrival as a new character for Apex Legends. 

However, while fans were still waiting to get their hands on the legend that gave them the creeps in the Shadowfall limited-time mode, the character seeming got passed over. Instead, Respawn Entertainment confirmed the existence of Forge – another previously leaked legend – in the upcoming season four. Yet, there could be trouble afoot.

An image of Forge from Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Forge looked set to be the new legend for Apex Season Four.


Apex Leaker iLootGames grabbed a screenshot, whichh he claims came from a trailer that was mistakenly uploaded for two minutes. The image shows Revenant behind Forge as the character looks to be making a speech of some kind. 

However, things seemingly get tricky for Forge, as Revenant looks set to strike with a backstab of some kind – as their arm has been replaced by a weapon and is fully prepared to swing forward to deliver the killing blow. 


As it’s only a screenshot, it can’t be confirmed what is happening, but it does look an awful lot like Revenant and Forge are intertwined with their lore – with the pair of them, not just Forge, making their arrivals to Apex in Season Four.

Yet, some players have also discussed the possibility of not even getting to play as Forge altogether. “Really hoping they both get to be playable because I was really really liking the look of Forge,” commented Redditor Joshwuhh.


Of course, it very much remains to be seen as to what this leaked screenshot means, and if Revenant will join Forge in the new season. 

We don’t have that long to wait, though, as Apex Legends Season 4 kicks off on Tuesday, February 4 - a full year on from the battle royale’s surprising release.