Leaked Apex Legends Season 1 update skins, weapon camos and cosmetics

Matt Porter
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 1 is officially live, and data miners are already searching through the v1.05 update files for a look at what fans of the popular battle royale title will be able to get their hands on.

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Apex Legends fans have been patiently waiting for the official launch of Apex Legends Season 1, which was originally scheduled to release at some point in March 2019.

Finally, Respawn Entertainment announced that the new season, along with the brand new Battle Pass would finally launch on Tuesday, March 19, to the delight of those who had been eagerly anticipating some new content.

Respawn Entertainment
A look at some of the skins included in the Season 1 Battle Pass.[ad name=”article2″]

Apex Legends fans have already been able to take a look at what they will be able to get their hands on when they purchase the Battle Pass, although not everyone was pleased with what was on offer when the information was released.

The items in the Apex Legends Battle Pass are not the only consumables fans will will be able to grab, as a number of leaked skins and cosmetics that will likely be made available in the game’s store have been leaked by dataminers.

You can view all of the leaked cosmetic items from the Apex Legends V1.05 update below, along with any information available about each one of them.

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