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Latest Apex Legends Season 5 teaser hints at further map changes

by Albert Petrosyan


A new Apex Legends Season 5 teaser was found on April 20, and although the mysterious mobile device seems to be suggesting that new changes could be made to the World's Edge map, it's also raised more questions than it's answered.

With Season 5 on the horizon in Apex Legends, more and more teasers for the upcoming chapter are starting to pop up both on World's Edge and Kings Canyon.

According to leaked information, "Phase 2" of these easter eggs was set to kick off on Monday, April 20 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, with many expecting Respawn Entertainment to add something to the map that sheds some light on what is to come down the line.

Respawn Entertainment; iLootGames - YouTube
Respawn Entertainment; iLootGames - YouTube
The latest Apex Legends Season 5 teaser found on April 20.


That's exactly what the developers did, as it didn't take long for prominent dataminer iLootGames to locate the new teaser, which came in the shape of an inconspicuous mobile device.

Located in one of the control rooms in Sorting Factory, this device can be picked up and interacted with, and when activated, it displays a cryptic message.




While the jury is still out on who "Jaime" is, the second line of the message, the one about "more tunnels," could be foreshadowing for some map changes coming to World's Edge, more specifically the "west half of the island."

The image displayed on the mobile device's screen also offers some hints, with the red structure potentially being what the developers plan on adding once Season 5 kicks off.

That said, this teaser might not be a clue for map changes at all, and instead, an indicator for where the next easter egg will be located. It's already been leaked that "Phase 3" will take place on Friday, April 24, so this new device could just be pointing to where that will be found.

iLootGames - Twitter
iLootGames - Twitter
The schedule for all the Apex Legends Season 5 leaks to be released.


Keen-eyed players will notice the logo featured on the device prior to being activated was that of the Archaeological Research (ARES) Division, an "armed research and development" group from Respawn's Titanfall series.

The Phase 1 teaser, which popped up on April 16, also came in the form of a mobile phone displaying that very same logo, and it too hinted at some sort of map changes coming to the Singh Labs location on Kings Canyon.

At this point, all this remains convoluted with very little concrete substance to follow up on. For now, we'll just have to wait until the Phase 3 teaser on April 24 and hope that it offers some clarity to these complex easter eggs.