Knockdown Shields left “useless” after Apex Legends Season 6 update

Connor Bennett
Player with gold knockdown shield in Apex Legends

Apex Legends fans are growing increasingly frustrated with Knockdown Shields not working as intended following the Season 6 patch – with some claiming that they’re completely useless. 

With the launch of Apex Legends Season 6, fans of Respawn’s incredibly popular battle royale were finally given the chance to play as Rampart, while also getting their hands on Titanfall’s Volt SMG. 

However, despite all the changes, it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows following the update. Players have been reporting growing issues with connecting to games, being able to teleport under the map, and even seeing a revive bug rear its head. 

On top of those, however, it looks as if the recent patch has also caused a few issues with the knockdown shields – which isn’t great news if you’re trying to defend yourself on the ground. 

via Allthings
via Allthings
Knockdown Shields are usually incredibly important in Apex.

While the Knockdown Shield is supposed to deflect enemy attacks, be that bullets or punches, while you’re waiting for a helping hand, it seems as that isn’t actually the case.

Reddit user reallybigsillywilly labeled the shields as a “scam” because, during one of their recent games, they were punched to elimination despite holding up a blue knockdown shield.

The blue shield, which is supposed to repel 450 points of damage, could barely withstand two punches before the Revenant player was eliminated from the game.

Though, they aren’t just the only one. Fellow Redditor bladefinor pointed out that they’d experienced similar only a few days earlier. 

Others claimed that the shields, outside of the gold ones which allow you to revive yourself once, aren’t even worth picking up because they aren’t working as they’re supposed to. 

Even though Respawn regularly chimes in when the subreddit points out problems, they haven’t done so as of writing, so it remains to be seen as to whether or not they address the problems with the shields.