Kings Canyon coming back to Apex Legends again for limited-time

Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment are answering the prayers of Apex Legends players once again, as Kings Canyon is making another glorious comeback in regular modes, but only for a limited time.

Although the original (and to many, best) Apex Legends map was already added for a weekend earlier in Season 4, it was the Season 1 version of the map.

Long-time Apex players will remember that it was given an overhaul for Season 2, as Crypto wreaked havoc on the arena, allowing the Leviathans to take over.

Kings Canyon in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
We’re going back to Kings Canyon once more in Apex Legends.

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It’s this Season 2 version of the map that will be available in regular rotation for the weekend of March 20 – 23.

If you’re a fan of Ranked play in Apex Legends, you may already know that Kings Canyon is set to return on a longer-term basis with the second split of Season 4, starting on March 24.

But, the map will only be available in Ranked play at that point. Adding it in this weekend gives players the perfect opportunity to practice their Canyon skills before the second split.

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Whether you prefer the first or second iteration of Kings Canyon, one thing is for sure, most people still prefer it to World’s Edge.

However, when the Season 1 version was added, some players did realize that their fond memories of the map might have been due to nostalgia, as several of the old problems kept cropping up again.

One primary complaint was a lack of loot, when compared to World’s Edge. We’ll have to wait and see if Respawn have made any changes to the loot pool this time around, in preparation for the new Ranked play split.