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Kill record-holder Mendo explains 5 powerful Apex Legends Wraith tricks

Published: 26/Feb/2019 14:32 Updated: 26/Feb/2019 15:09

by Joe O'Brien


Former Overwatch pro Lucas ‘Mendokusaii’ Håkanssonhas detailed five tricks and exploits for getting the most out of Wraith in Apex Legends.

After stepping down from the Houston Outlaws Overwatch League team to pursue content creation, Mendo has, like most popular streamers, turned his talents to Apex Legends since the game’s release.

Mendo’s competitive pedigree has shone through in the new battle royale, as he recently claimed the solo kill record with an incredible 36 eliminations and took a surprising first in a Twitch Rivals Apex Legends tournament, outplacing the favorites of TSM’s professional Fortnite squad.

Having demonstrated his considerable talent for Apex Legends, Mendo has now detailed five of the most useful and powerful tactics he uses as Wraith to gain an edge over his enemies.


Mendo outlines how – and just as importantly, when – to execute the following tricks and tactics:


Blocking doorways with Dimensional Rift

With the Dimensional Rift being usable by all players and enterable from either side of each portal, it’s possible to use it to block doors. Place one end in a doorway, and while enemies will be able to come through from the other portal, those in the immediate vicinity will not be able to pass through without simply being transported away.

This tactic is made even more powerful by the fact that you, as Wraith, can pass through the portal without taking it, as you cannot travel through the Dimensional Rift while using your Into the Void tactical ability.


Leaving a portal high in the air

Portal-baiting can be a powerful tactic as Wraith. If someone follows you through your Dimensional Rift you’re almost always going to have the advantage, as you know exactly where the enemy will appear be while they will have to take in their new surroundings and then try to figure out where you went.

One way of maximizing the effectiveness of portal-baiting, however, is to leave one end of the rift high in the sky. Players coming out of the portal will fall in a predictable manner, giving you some free time to get damage in.

Phasing on a grapple

Wraith’s Into the Void tactical ability – often referred to as “phasing” – is one of the more powerful abilities in the game, making you invulnerable for a brief period of time.


This is especially useful when you’re on a grappling line. The uniform speed and direction of a grapple can make them quite dangerous, as if an enemy sees you heading towards them on one they’ll have a free opportunity to get some easy damage in. It’s possible to use your tactical ability to remain invulnerable while staying on the grapple, however, opening up opportunities that might otherwise be too risky.

Resetting phase cooldown

As already noted, Wraith’s phasing can be incredibly powerful, but it comes at the cost of a 15-second cooldown – long enough that you’re unlikely to make use of it more than once in a fight unless you can put enough distance between yourself and your opponents such that everyone pauses to heal up before re-engaging.


There is a method to reduce the cooldown, however, although it requires quite specific circumstances. If you jump on a grappling line at the right time during the ability, then when it ends your cooldown will instead be reset.

Respawn EntertainmentMaking use of terrain can be key to success in Apex Legends.

Double/infinite Dimensional Rifts

Though it again requires a fairly specific circumstance, there is a way of using your Dimensional Rift without resetting the ability’s charge. By mantling and using your Into the Void at the same time as you begin your ultimate, the portal will still be placed when the charge runs down but your ultimate ability will still be available.

This can either be used for an immediate second portal to maximize the distance you can cover in a short period of time, or replicated again as many times as you wish so long as you wait for the cooldown of Into the Void to reset each time.


Mendo covers each trick with explanations and examples in the video below.

With Wraith being one of the most popular Legends in the game, and arguably the most powerful, those looking to improve at the game would do well to master the use of these tricks and tactics.