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An introduction to the Apex Legends map – Locations, loot tier, jump balloons and respawn points

Published: 5/Feb/2019 20:24 Updated: 26/Mar/2019 16:32

by Albert Petrosyan


One of the most important aspects of Apex Legends, just as with almost every other battle royale title, is the map and all of the points of interest it contains.

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*Update: March 26*

 An updated complete guide to Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon can be found here.

The Apex Legends map features a beautiful combination of lush environment and technologically advanced structures, all blended together in the stunning King’s Canyon. 

There are multiple levels to the map, ranging from underground tunnels and areas all the way up to heavily stocked supply ships that can be found floating across the sky, alongside the clever Hot Zone system that can boost your chances of winning. 


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Overall, the map currently features 17 named points of interest, and these are the locations where players are guaranteed to find loot at all times.

This isn’t the only option for players, though, as they can instead take their chances with smaller unnamed outposts that may not have as much loot but can be safer and less crowded areas to land. 

The Apex Legends map which highlights respawn points, jump balloons and high/medium tier loot
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Points of Interest

  • Slum Lakes (medium tier)
  • Artillery (high tier)
  • Relay (high tier)
  • The Pit (high tier)
  • Cascades (medium tier)
  • Wetlands (medium tier)
  • Runoff (high tier)
  • Bunker (high tier)
  • Bridges (medium tier)
  • Swamps (high tier)
  • Airbase (high tier)
  • Hydro Dam (low tier)
  • Thunderdome (high tier)
  • Skull Town (medium tier)
  • Market (medium tier)
  • Water Treatment
  • Repulsor (high tier)

There are obviously a lot of choices to choose from in terms of landing areas, but some of the best ones are Thunderdome, Relay, and Bunker, as they not only contain good amounts of loot but offer strategic ways to go about playing the rest of the match. Interestingly, Hydro Dam is listed as low tier loot, our personal experiences suggest it is higher than this.


Keep in mind that this also makes these areas popular landing spots for other players, so keep the eyes on the back of your head open whenever landing at any of these areas. 

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Hot Zones

What makes the Apex Legends map unique from other battle royales’ is a mechanism which randomly picks a location at the start of each match and designates it as the Hot Zone, which gets marked on the map with a small blue circle. 

Players who go to the Hot Zone have a much greater chance of finding higher quality loot and possibly even a fully kitted out weapon, which would be a huge boost at the start of a match.


This reward does not come without risk, however, since a lot players like to try and land at the Hot Zones and it can prove to be a difficult place to survive at the start. 

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Supply Ships

As mentioned above, another unique feature of the Apex Legends map is the fully stocked supply ship that can be seen floating around the sky at the start of each match.

Players can maneuver their initial drop to land on the supply ship and find some high quality loot, and with there being no fall damage, it’s very easy to get down to the ground.


Those who don’t want to land directly on the ship can wait for it to come down to the ground, and the location where it’s set to land is always marked at the beginning of each match.

However, both that area and the ship itself are popular locations, meaning you should prepare for a fight if you decide to travel there.

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Respawn Beacons

Respawn Beacons are also scattered around the map and are used to bring fallen teammates back into the game.

Repsawn Beacons can be seen on your map as a green dot, and players who take an eliminated squad member’s Banner to these beacons can bring their teammate back to life, giving you a better chance at securing victory. These are also shown on the map above.


Respawn EntertainmentPlayers can use Respawn Beacons to bring back eliminated teammates.

Jump Balloons

A popular feature in Apex Legends has proven to be jump balloons. This addition is not only fun to utilize but they can get you out of a tricky situation.

On top of getting out of trouble, they give you the opportunity to identify enemies around you. There are 15 across the map.

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