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Insane Apex Legends trick gives players ‘infinite’ wall bounces

Published: 18/Jan/2022 1:25

by Alan Bernal


There’s a way to ‘infinitely’ chain Apex Legends wall bounces in a way that lets you outplay opponents by linking some of the best movement tricks in the game.

Using wall bounces is a way for Apex players to use the environment to their advantage. In short-range duels, it’s an easy way to disorientate an enemy.

In other scenarios, it can give people a slick way to get out of a bad situation.

But people have been getting creative with how this technique can be applied. Players are now showing how it can be used around the battle royale to get the most out of the tech.


Apex Legends infinite wall bounce trick

The trick essentially makes use of wall runs and tap strafing by chaining jumps off terrain. The ‘infinite’ wall bounce comes in by practicing how to link multiple jumps and even work off each other.

Doing this in-game can easily get enemy crosshairs off you, especially if you can maneuver quickly enough to get behind them.

This can be even more useful if you’re getting chased across a POI. Someone can shake off an opponent who’s closing in by giving them the slip like Reddit user ‘Treeree2’ showed by employing the move.

infinite wall bounces from Apexrollouts

Even just one wall bounce can give players a massive advantage if it’s used correctly. Learning how to combine a few of them in a short time can increase its potency to another level.


Respawn Entertainment’s move system in Apex Legends is flexible enough for people to discover new tricks and techniques.

With everything from punch-boosting to different slides, infinite wall bounces are just an extension of how Apex players are limit-testing the game.