Innovative Octane buff would perfectly counter Apex Legends’ Gibraltar

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An Apex Legends fan has created an amazing idea to improve Octane, focusing around the character’s Jump pads and how to make them prefectly counter Gibraltar. 

Octane has always been somewhat of a hot topic in Apex and unfortunately for him, not for the right reasons. Many players feel the Legend is underwhelming as he provides neither the survivability nor utility of others and fans of the character have been asking for some buffs for a long time.

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The main issue that the Speedster faces is that his skills really aren’t up to par. Legends like Wraith and Gibraltar both have tools that help them stay alive, as well as a powerful utility ability for the whole team. Meanwhile, all Octane can really do is speed himself up a bit and place an underwhelming Jump pad. However, this amazing idea would solve all that and make him exceptionally powerful against Gibraltar. 

Respawn Entertainment
Many Apex fans feel Octane is due for some buffs.

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Apex Legends YouTuber MokeySniper has come up with an innovative solution that could propel the daredevil up the Legend ranks. One of the main issues he pointed out is the Jump pad, which has quite a few weaknesses.

“One of the key issues with the Jump pad is that once you step on it you’re locked into predictable movement. My first suggestion would be to give walking, sprinting, and sliding different flight paths, letting it be utilized differently depending on the surroundings.”

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However, that’s not all. Mokey also suggested that the Jump pad should have an ‘overcharge’ perk, making it regenerate 25% shield every time it is touched. This would give players some survivability and regeneration, allowing for it to be used more confidently in a variety of situations. One of the best uses of this extra mobility would be the ability to out maneuver one Gibraltar – a slow legend with very powerful abilities. 

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Additionally, it should give players double jump, allowing them to jump again and change directions and increase the distance traveled. This would make it a lot less predictable and open up a huge skill ceiling when using it.

Overall, these changes could be exactly what Octane needs and would definitely have a huge impact on the way he’s played. Fans of the Legend will be hoping something changes with him soon and this could be it.

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