Speed boost glitch in Apex Legends gives players infinite slides

Apex Legends speed glitchRespawn Entertainment

A speed glitch has been discovered in Apex Legends that’s giving players an infinite amount of boosts to travel across the map.

Apex Legends gets a lot of praise for its satisfying movement mechanics, especially when compared to other titles in the genre like Fortnite and Warzone.

While the majority of players stick to sprinting and sliding, some like to take it to the next level by learning more intricate mechanics like tap-strafing and wall-bouncing.

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Although Respawn has considered removing some of these techniques in the past to level out the playing field, none of them are breaking any of the game’s rules as they don’t abuse a bug.

A speed glitch on the other hand is considered to be an exploit and that’s exactly what’s been discovered by players in Season 11. Seemingly able to boost certain Legends an unlimited amount of times, this issue definitely needs to be addressed by the devs.

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Apex Legends slideRespawn Entertainment
Speed glitches are incredibly rare in Apex Legends.

Boost speed glitch discovered in Apex Legends

As showcased by RossBobSquirrel on YouTube, the speed glitch is capable of providing players with an unlimited amount of boosts across the map but only appears to work Caustic, Gibraltar, Seer, Bangalore, and Horizon as they have throwables Ultimates.

The glitch itself is triggered by using the Ultimate key, then the melee key, then finally the weapon swap key. These inputs trigger a boost forward from each of the Legends above.

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While this exploit can be used an unlimited amount of times, using it does have the potential to get your account banned.

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Following the Rampage and Sentinel exploit, Respawn threatened players that had abused the glitch with the “banhammer”, so using this in-game puts you at risk.

While a lot of glitches can be overlooked by the devs, this is certainly not one of them as it gives certain players a massive advantage. Being able to travel at that speed could allow squads to dodge bullets with ease and reposition mid-gunfight with no consequences.

Fingers crossed Respawn get this exploit fixed as soon as possible but as they’re already dealing with the Rampage and Sentinel situation, it seems they already have their hands full.

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