Apex Legends

Incredible Bangalore skin idea works perfectly with her military roots

by Andy Williams


This fan-made Apex Legends skin concept gives Bangalore a much-needed change of pace on her attire, after the community has called for new skins for the character.

Apex Legends fans have received a plethora of skins for various characters, but the consensus is that Bangalore hasn’t received the attention that she deserves. 

While the Apex Legends faithful yearn for the Outland Warrior skin to make a reappearance (which was only available for two weeks during the ‘Legendary Hunt’ event), others are drawing inspiration from her military background to bring to life new ideas.

The Outland Warrior was a big-hit, but cost 1,000 Apex Coins at the time of release.


There is a clear demand for new Bangalore skins, given that various other artists have shared their ideas on how they would give her a fresh lick of paint. 

One Reddit user has posted their idea to the Apex Legends subreddit, where they play on Bangalore’s history and lore with a soldier–themed uniform.

While the skin concept is a basic render, it shows an accurate depiction of how the soldier may have appeared while serving on the IMS Hesita in the Frontier War.


The skin concept even pays attention to the finer details, such as the inclusion of an IMC logo etched into the soldier’s right arm. 

With the obvious ties into Bangalore’s deep-rooted lore from the Titanfall universe, this skin would undoubtedly be favored by both fans of the character and those embedded into Apex Games’ lore.


Given the previous popularity of the Outland Warrior skin, there have been plenty of creative takes on the color scheme of the skin. 

One user has posted a ‘poison ivy’-esque recolor of the skin, while another reimagined Bangalore in a more vibrant light — even catching the attention of one of the Respawn developers.

Despite the continuous efforts pouring in from far and wide, Respawn is yet to incorporate any of the aforementioned designs. If one thing’s for sure, it’s that the demand is certainly there.