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Apex Legends • Jun 27, 2019

Incredible Apex Legends skin gives Octane a prehistoric twist

Incredible Apex Legends skin gives Octane a prehistoric twist
Respawn Entertainment / EA Games

Apex Legends is just about to start its second season, and one creative fan has shown off an incredibly detailed prehistoric Octane skin amongst all the excitement.


Season 2 officially kicks off on July 2, with a release trailer dropping on June 27. The Leviathans are expected to make an appearance, as fans are itching to know why they've suddenly began moving towards land.

During all this Leviathan hype, one dedicated fan decided to create an epic dinosaur bones skin for Octane that's nothing short of amazing.

Respawn Entertainment / EA Games
Adrenaline junkie Octane got the jurassic treatment with this skin concept.


"Life finds a way"

Reddit user 'clarksabino' wowed the Apex Legends subreddit when he uploaded his dinosaur bone-themed skin concept design on June 26.

Octane is wearing a dinosaur skull for a helmet, with the creature's arms dangling over his shoulders. To camouflage into prehistoric surroundings, he's also wearing a leopard print cape, which is covered by the monster's spine and rib bones.

clarksabino's concept design would definitely be a welcome addition to the game, especially if the recent Leviathans' activity is anything to go by. 


People were obsessed

It looks like it could have come straight out of the game itself - something many other fans thought too. Many said they would actually pay real cash for it. 

"10 out of 10 would be my first bought skin," one amazed user commented. "That's a skin I would actually pay $10 for!" another said.

People would pay real money for the skin.

It would be amazing to see this jurassic skin come to the game, especially if Respawn released a prehistoric map down the line.

Who knows what the game's future holds? We'll find out on June 27 when the Season 2 trailer drops.

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