Incredible Apex Legends mod adds Battlefield-style tanks as new vehicles

Alex Garton. Last updated: Jan 11, 2022
Apex Legends tank vehicle
Respawn Entertainment/DICE

Taking inspiration from Battlefield, an Apex Legends modder has added tanks to the battle royale as a new type of vehicle.

With Apex Legends being based in the same universe as the Titanfall franchise, piloted mechs or Titans are a regularly suggested feature by the community.

While the devs have already revealed they’d never rule this idea out, it doesn’t look like Respawn have any plans to add them in the near future.

Well, one modder decided that they were not going to wait for Respawn to add a new vehicle or mech to the game, and decided to take action themselves by adding Battlefield-style tanks to the Outlands.

Although they do look a little out of place, there’s no denying how fun it would be to drive them around Kings Canyon or World’s Edge.

Apex Legends tank mod
Respawn Entertainment
The tanks in the mod cannot fire projectiles, but hopefully, that’s added in the future.

Modder adds Battlefield-style tanks to Apex Legends

In Season 11, the only drivable vehicles in Apex Legends are Tridents and while they are extremely fast, they’re definitely not very intimidating.

Modder Archtux has attempted to solve this issue by adding Battlefield-style tanks to the Outlands on the R5Reloaded server.

In their video, the fleet of tanks can be seen traveling around the Kings Canyon map together, with Archtux even taking a ride on top of one.

Although they don’t shoot any projectiles in the current build, it’ll be interesting to see if that’s a feature that’s added at a later date.

While the odds of Respawn adding a tank to the game are pretty low, it’s still entertaining to see a group of military vehicles patrolling the map.

If they were added to the real game, it would definitely be a nightmare to balance them in matches, unless they were just used strictly for travel purposes and that wouldn’t make sense for tanks.

Either way, this is exactly what mods are for, so let’s just hope we continue to see more weird and wonderful creations in R5Reloaded.