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Incredible Apex Legends Heirloom design could be just what Octane needs

Published: 17/Jan/2020 22:05 Updated: 17/Jan/2020 22:23

by Eli Becht


With more and more characters receiving special heirloom sets in Apex Legends, it’s time for Octane to get some much-needed love as well

Wraith, Bloodhound, Pathfinder, and Lifeline all have their own Heirloom Set that includes very rare cosmetic items exclusive to those Legends, but fans are clamoring for the rest of the cast to get some love.

It’s likely this will happen in the future, but it will just take some time. It looks like Respawn plan to go through the original roster first before setting their sights on all of the characters that were game at launch.


Pathfinder is the latest character to get an heirloom set.

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In the meantime, fans have taken to designing the heirloom sets themselves, and this look at an Octane bundle is actually incredibly good.

Reddit user HamedAliKhan posted their creation for fans to look at, and it was quickly loved by Apex players, many of them saying it looks like a legit design.

Heirloom idea 2.0 : Octane’s O Tanto from apexlegends

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The set would give Octane a new banner pose, complete with a sword and an intro quip. This would be in line with the previous heirlooms we’ve seen, but an argument can be made that this is the best one we’ve seen so far, and it’s not even officially made.


Heirlooms are among the rarest items in all of Apex Legends, considering there’s less than a 1% chance to open one from a pack. Players are guaranteed to obtain at least one set in the first 500 Apex Packs they open, so while it’s not exactly impossible, it can definitely be both very expensive and time consuming.

Apex Legends Group Shot
Who will be the next Legend to get an heirloom set?

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When the game first launched, Wraith had an heirloom set ready to go, but the next three have been released with a special event. Bloodhound’s was included in the Iron Crown event, Lifeline’s in Fight or Fright, and Pathfinder’s in the Holo-Day Bash, which wrapped up not too long ago.


This doesn’t mean Octane will need an event to get him, but we’re sure fans wouldn’t be too upset if that was the path Respawn decide to take. Whenever they do decide to create an Heirloom Set for the speed demon Legend, the fan-made concept above would serve as a great reference point.