ImperialHal warns “pathetic” stream snipers are finished in Season 13 Ranked

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Apex Legends pro player Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has slammed his “pathetic” stream snipers and claimed they will struggle to ruin his games in Season 13 Ranked.

Although being a popular Apex Legends streamer has a huge amount of perks, there are a few inconveniences that are almost impossible to solve, especially if you’re playing Ranked.

One of which is the countless stream snipers that tune into a broadcast, giving them an unfair advantage and allowing them to easily track a streamer down and eliminate them.

No one deals with this more than TSM pro player ImperialHal, who struggles to practice in Ranked due to the abundance of players using his stream to unfairly locate him in a match.

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Well, during a recent stream, Hal decided to warn the stream snipers about the Season 13 update and has claimed they’ll struggle to get into his matches thanks to the Ranked reloaded overhaul.

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Season 13 is set to arrive on May 10.

ImperialHal warns stream snipers about Ranked Reloaded

During his May 5 stream, ImperialHal was once again stream sniped in Ranked which resulted in his entire squad being eliminated almost instantly.

Immediately after, the TSM pro decided to address the “pathetic” stream snipers and warn them about the Ranked Reloaded update, which is going to make it a lot harder to maintain a high rank.

Currently, once a player reaches a certain tier, it’s impossible for them to be moved down, so losing multiple matches has no consequences. Well, this is going to change in Season 13 with Ranked Reloaded, as demotion is being introduced to Ranked.

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As a result, Hal believes it’s going to be harder for stream snipers to maintain their rank, as losses will actually be detrimental to a player’s overall RP, so it’s likely competitors are going to take matches more seriously.

The majority of Apex players are extremely excited about the Ranked overhaul and are hoping the changes improve the overall matchmaking experience.

It’s obvious Hal is ready for it to kick off and with Saviors arriving on May 10, there isn’t too long to wait. Let’s just hope the overhaul makes it harder for stream snipers at the very least.

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