ImperialHal slams “incompetent” Apex Legends devs after ‘UI images’ bug ruins game

Bloodhound in Apex Legends next to TSM ImperialHalRespawn Entertainment / ALGS

TSM pro Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has blasted Respawn as “incompetent” after Apex Legends’ infamous ‘UI images ran out of room’ error ruined a match mid-gunfight.

Bugs and glitches have regularly affected Apex Legends players since its February 2019 launch. 

However, most have been fixed pretty rapidly or had an obvious cause. In recent seasons, no more so than in the ongoing Season 15, a ‘UI images ran out of room’ error message has been causing a host of issues. 

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The message displays after the game crashes, offering no further context and no clear cause. 

It seems no one is exempt from its clutches either, with TSM pro ImperialHal falling victim to it during a January livestream. 

ImperialHal blasts Respawn after ‘UI images’ bug ruins Apex Legends match

In the middle of a gunfight during a pro scrimmage, Hal was hovering in mid-air and gunning an opponent when he was abruptly booted out of the game. 

The classic ‘Engine Error – UI Images ran out of room’ message displayed as Hal tried to load back into the game. 

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Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t too pleased: “We would have won that anyways if I just didn’t crash in the middle [of the gunfight]. I was in midair, we would easily win that… Oh my god, this game is so bad!

“How are you so incompetent with your f**king job? Holy sh*t. I’m about to f**king rage tweet. This is so f**king stupid.” 

Timestamp: 00:31

Despite weeks of radio silence over the bug, Respawn addressed it publicly late on January 18. 

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They confirmed it is being investigated, saying: “The Apex team is currently working through an issue where players are encountering a pop-up reading “Engine Error – UI Images Ran Out of Room”. We’re hopeful that we’ll have some sort of resolution for this in the morning and will check back in here with more info then.” 

Here’s hoping a hotfix is deployed soon. 

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