ImperialHal roasts Apex Legends devs amid calls to nerf Bocek Bow in Season 9

ImperialHal on Apex Legends Bocek BowRespawn Entertainment / EA

Apex Legends pro Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has roasted Respawn’s developers over the balancing of the new Bocek Bow, claiming they “missed all their shots” in the playtests. It comes amid a chorus of pleas from players to nerf the weapon in Season 9.

The Bocek Bow has been a welcome addition to the Apex Legends loot pool. The marksman weapon has added some interesting flair to the battle royale, with its relatively quiet shots packing a punch.

However, it’s hitting a bit too hard for some players’ liking. Casuals and pros alike have unleashed a chorus of pleas to nerf the overpowered weapon, and ImperialHal is leading the charge.

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Bocek Bow Practice RangeRespawn Entertainment
The Bocek Bow has been figured out in Apex Legends, and players believe it’s overpowered.

“Yes, the bow is going to be in competitive, and they’re not going to nerf that sh*t until next year. Can’t wait to play competitive and just die getting sniped from across the map,” he said on stream.

He took a jab at the developers’ skill, claiming the only reason the Bocek made it through playtesting in its current state was because they were “missing all their shots.”

“They thought it was a great idea to have a gun that is on the ground that can do 100+ to the head, it’s hitscan, [and] can do 70 to the body. I really don’t understand how they thought that was fine,” he said.

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“Are they missing all their shots so they don’t know how much damage that shit hits [for]? That’s got to be it.”

ImperialHal proposes Apex Legends Bocek Bow nerfs

ImperialHal has suggested a number of changes Respawn can implement to balance the Bocek Bow in Apex Legends.

“They need to add skill to the weapon ⁠— it’s hitscan with no damage falloff,” he said.

“Add [damage falloff] at distance, increased drop with the arrows when you shoot from afar.”

Bocek Bow arrows ApexRespawn Entertainment
Hal is worried the Bocek Bow will dominate Apex Legends tournaments without nerfs.

“They should also limit the scopes on it [too]. Don’t allow a 3x on it, only 2x and under.”

Respawn are yet to comment on the Bow’s power level, but you can probably expect a patch to drop sooner rather than later if it gets any more out of hand.

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