ImperialHal explains why Wingman is such an “annoying” gun in Apex Legends

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ImperialHal Wingman
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Apex Legends pro player Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has explained why the Wingman is such an “annoying” gun to deal with in the Outlands.

While there are countless guns in Apex Legends for competitors to loot and equip, there are a select few that sit on a pedestal above the rest.

One of these weapons is the Wingman, a heavy ammo pistol that’s been causing havoc across the Apex Games since the release of Respawn’s battle royale, and continues to be a powerhouse to this day.

Although there’s no denying that the Wingman is a fan-favorite weapon, not everyone is happy about how much damage it can dish out in the hands of an accurate player.

Apex pro ImperialHal has even voiced his opinion on the gun, labeling it as “annoying” and complaining that players can just stack ammo to spam infinite bullets at opponents.

Wingman Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
The Wingman is arguably the most iconic weapon in Apex Legends.

ImperialHal hates playing against “annoying” Wingman

During his June 13 stream, ImperialHal was asked for his opinion on the Wingman by a viewer in his chat, and it’s safe to say he didn’t shower the pistol in praise.

Revealing that “he barely plays the Wingman”, Hal labeled the weapon as “annoying” and expressed how frustrating it is to be hit by a single bullet and be left at half health.

His biggest problem with the gun is that players can stack a huge amount of heavy ammo and just spam an infinite amount of bullets at an opponent.

With the help of aim assist on controller, Hal says: “you could probably hit 20 bullets out of 200 and be satisfied.”

While there’s no indication that the Wingman will be receiving a nerf anytime soon, a recent leak has revealed that Respawn could be putting the pistol into the Replicator next season.

This would certainly reduce the amount of them in players’ hands but as it has not been confirmed by the devs, we’ll have to wait and see whether it’s true.

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