ImperialHal explains why Kings Canyon is bad for Ranked in Apex Legends

ImperialHal KCTSM/ImperialHal/Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends pro player Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has explained why it’s impossible to play aggressively in Kings Canyon Ranked matches if you want to climb.

When heading into an Apex Legends Ranked match, it’s important to consider your Legend choice, team comp, and of course, what weapons you’re going to have equipped in the late game.

If all of these factors are optimized, you give yourself the best chance at picking up the victory and securing the maximum amount of RP.

Despite this, there’s one aspect that a lot of Apex players don’t consider, and that’s the map they’re dropping into and how they should play based on its layout.

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Well, ImperialHal decided to share his opinion on Kings Canyon Ranked and has revealed that you have to play like a “b**h” to climb.

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Apex Legends Season 13 is set to go live in early May.

How to climb in Kings Canyon Ranked in Apex Legends

Over the years, ImperialHal has made it very clear that it’s always best to play aggressively in Ranked if you want to improve. This is because hiding until the end may net you RP, but it’ll never help you get any better at Apex Legends as a whole.

Well, speaking on stream about Kings Canyon Ranked on April 10, the TSM pro revealed that the only way to climb is to play like a “b**h” on the map.

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Unlike World’s Edge and Storm Point where it’s possible to rush or “W key” every single enemy squad, Hal explained that it isn’t possible to do that on KC due to the layout and size of the map.

On top of this, he advised his chat to take a Caustic with them into KC Ranked if they want to win, and to play smart if they don’t want to “lose their mind”.

Although this passive playstyle isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, Hal is just giving advice to those who are looking to maintain their RP while playing Ranked.

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Until the map rotation changes in early May with Season 13, it may be worth running a Caustic and taking your time with gunfights when dropping into KC, it may net you a little more RP.