ImperialHal estimates average salary of Apex Legends pros

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Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen decided to share his thoughts on pro players’ salaries and even estimated what the average ALGS competitor earns.

While the majority of the Apex Legends community are satisfied taking home victories in normal matches and climbing in Ranked, there are a select few who are talented enough to reach the pro level.

In Apex’s case, this is the ALGS, a league where countless teams and organizations put forward a lineup of pros to compete for prize pools and the entertainment of viewers.

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Although most of the ALGS competitors have their own communities and stream on Twitch, very little is known about how much they’re paid by their organizations.

Well, ImperialHal decided to shed some light on player salaries in a recent stream, and it was a lot less than his fans expected.

Bangalore Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
ImperialHal is a pro player for TSM.

ImperialHal talks about average ALGS player salaries

During a recent stream, one of Hal’s viewers decided to ask him how much pros are paid in Apex Legends to compete in the ALGS.

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In response, the TSM pro shocked a lot of his viewers by estimating that the average pro most likely earns a salary of “$3,000” per month.

This was a surprise to a lot of his fans who expected the number to be significantly higher.

However, it’s worth noting that this figure is only the average base salary paid from an organization and doesn’t account for Twitch revenue, sponsors, or prize money.

Not only that, players with a more recognizable name and who are a part of a larger organization like Hal, will be paid significantly more than other pros in the ALGS.

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Despite this, it’s always interesting to get some insight into a topic that is very rarely discussed openly by players.

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