ImperialHal claims Crypto buffs will drastically change Apex Legends Season 12 meta

Andrew Amos
TSM pro ImperialHal next to Crypto in Apex Legends
TSM / Respawn Entertainment

TSM pro Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen believes the Apex Legends meta will drastically change in Season 12, thanks in large part to the Crypto buffs. Changes to the Recon Legend are going to make things “really different”, he claimed.

There’s a few movers and shakers expected in the Apex Legends Season 12 meta. Between the Caustic nerfs and Crypto buffs, as well as what else Respawn has cooked up, the tier list is bound to flip.

However, it’s the latter change that has got pro players like ImperialHal talking. The TSM IGL is very wary of the other changes, but the Crypto buff has caught his eye.

“The game is going to be really different next season,” Hal said.

Crypto Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Crypto will be a more mobile, aggressive Legend with his Season 12 buffs.

He explained how the buff is going to transform Crypto into a more aggressive Legend who can push with his team instead of just sitting on his drone. With the power of EMP being realized by some already as a counter to the Gibraltar meta, this change only makes it more potent.

“You practically can throw your drone and EMP while moving. It’s like old EMP when basically you were able to EMP and your teammates wouldn’t be stunned,” he added.

“Your teammates will still get stunned, but as a Crypto, instead of having to be in the actual drone, you can literally run up to somebody, throw it and detonate it while you’re moving towards them and fighting.”

This was backed up by his teammate Evan ‘Verhulst’ Verhulst, who stated: “We’re going to see some variety next season.”

With Pathfinder’s long-awaited passive rework, Gibraltar nerfs, and changes to the “scan meta” ravaging the game, Season 12 is set to be a big one ⁠— even if not all of these are expected to ship in the February 8 update.

However, the Apex meta is moving, and we might be seeing a lot more Crypto in the top ranks and in ALGS soon enough.