ImperialHal claims EU Apex Legends pros have “dogsh*t” gun-skill vs NA teams

TSM apex legends player ImperialHalJoe Brady/ ALGS

TSM player, ALGS Split 1 playoff champion and MVP Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen was asked about EU Apex Legends team Fire Beaver’s chances at the next international tournament. The pro said the team won’t be able to handle going up against a North American team as EU teams have “dogsh*t” gun-skill.

Tensions between European and North American teams have started to rise as the ALGS Split 2 playoffs start date marches closer. In a recent stream, TSM’s ImperialHal was asked about the EU team Fire Beavers and its chances at LAN. The player then went into how the whole of the region is not great at fighting, and that Fire Beavers would not fare well in NA ALGS.

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“EU’s gun-skill is so f****** dogsh*t. Like, EU’s passive and their gun-skill is so bad. Their mechanics in that region are so dogsh*t, for the majority of that region,” ImperialHal said.

The Apex Legends pro goes on to say that some EU teams, mainly the top-rated ones like Alliance and Fire Beavers, can fight three vs. three well but they are more of an anomaly. Fire Beavers currently sit third on the EMEA ALGS ladder and are in a strong position to qualify for the Split 2 LAN tournament.

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ImperialHal goes in on EU Apex Legends teams

ImperialHal also said that this isn’t a new position he is claiming, he’s always thought EU teams were bad at taking three vs. three gunfights since the start of ALGS.

“It’s happened every single time,” ImperialHal said. “EU teams always get rolled by NA teams in team fights. Always, this has not changed. Which is why Fire Beaver just roll that region because they actually have good gun-skill and they play aggressively against the teams, which is the majority of the lobby, that don’t know how to fight or take three vs. threes.”

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ImperialHal finished his rant by claiming most EU teams only know about positioning and rotating, so when it comes to fighting they are usually outmatched against NA teams that love to scrap. North America and Europe will meet at the ALGS Split 2 playoffs when the competition starts on July 13.

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