ImperialHal claims Apex Legends Season 16 will spawn players with P2020

ImperialHal competing for TSM next to P2020 in Apex LegendsALGS / Respawn

Apex Legends pro player Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has claimed that the BR’s upcoming Season 16 will spawn players into matches with a P2020 pistol, in what would be a major change to looting.

Looting is always one of the most important aspects of a battle royale. Typically spawning in with very little, players must explore POIs to secure guns, equipment and more to propel them towards victory. Apex Legends is no different.

While some LTMs, like Locked and Loaded, have tweaked the formula and let players drop in with some gear, the overwhelming majority of Apex matches drop Legends in completely unequipped. From there, it’s an all-out race to secure weapons and eliminations.

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However, that all might be about to change in Season 16.

Apex Legends Season 16 may spawn players with a P2020 

The new season, which is already set to bring a major overhaul to Legend classes and abilities, may also give players a weapon when they drop.

According to ImperialHal, that weapon will be the P2020.

In a December 27 livestream, the TSM pro player casually claimed that, from Season 16, players will spawn into matches with a P2020 in-hand.

“We’ll be spawning with a P2020 for next season,” he said. “You guys are ready for that.” 

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He didn’t elaborate on the claims, but pro players are known to get early access to future builds of titles in order to provide developers with feedback.

It will be a first for Apex Legends. Back in late 2021, the devs doubled down on their refusal to let players spawn in with weapons.

It was explained that early-game scenarios are more balanced and better-paced when players spawn without weapons. They are forced to look for loot, as opposed to instantly pushing teams and wiping enemies within the first few minutes of a match.

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Assuming Hal’s intel is correct though, we can expect another huge change when Season 16 drops around the middle of February 2023.

Naturally, though, players should not take this as confirmed until Respawn or EA make it official.