ImperialHal claims Apex Legends is in one of “dumbest” metas ever right now

ImperialHal standing on Storm Point map in Apex LegendsTSM/Respawn

TSM star Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen believes Apex Legends is going through one of its “dumbest” metas currently thanks to the influx of players using sniper rifles, especially the Charge Rifle.

With so much of the focus of Apex Legends being put on the legends and their unique abilities, that is, for the most part, what has shaped the meta over the last few years. 

Though, weapons have obviously played their role too. No one will forget the R400 meta – where players religiously carried the R301 and R99 together – in a hurry or be able to forget when the Flatline completely dominated back in Seasons 11 and 12. 

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Even though Season 16 is getting ready to wind down, the meta has shifted a little bit recently, as players have started focusing more on snipers. Though, ImperialHal is not a fan. 

ImperialHal bashes ‘dumb’ sniper meta in Apex Legends

The TSM star, who recently joined other Apex pros in wanting the Charge Rifle to be looked at by Respawn, called the increased use of snipers one of the “dumbest” metas that the battle royale has seen. 

“So many people say the sniper thing has always been a thing, that is not true at all. The amount of snipers have literally quadrupled in the lobbies, like, it happens in ALGS and anything else comp-related,” Hal said during a recent stream as he waited to get back into another game. 

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“It is one of the dumbest metas in this game. it will do like 50-100 damage from 200 meters, or even more than that.”

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Looking at the Charge Rifle specifically, he added that the gun has “always been broken” but believes it’s gotten more shine as Rampart has crept into the meta.

Given that Season 17 is only a few weeks away, a change now is unlikely, but a bigger shakeup should come when that update rolls around at the start of May.

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