ImperialHal claims Apex Legends is going “downhill so hard” on Twitch

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TSM pro player Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has claimed that Apex Legends is going “downhill” on Twitch as so many streamers are quitting Respawn’s battle royale.

Apex Legends has always been a popular category on Twitch, with countless pros and streamers looking to showcase their skills on the Outlands.

Despite this, recently a lot of well-known Apex personalities have been making the shift to other games or quitting completely.

While all of them have their different reasons, the main factors appear to be matchmaking, Ranked problems, rampant cheating, and a lack of new content.

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Well, ImperialHal has claimed that these streamers leaving has caused the Apex Twitch scene to go “downhill” and he doesn’t see it getting better anytime soon.

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ImperialHal is pro player for TSM and competes in the ALGS.

ImperialHal claims Apex is going “downhill” on Twitch

During a recent stream, one of ImperialHal’s viewers brought up the state of Apex on Twitch and the TSM pro was not optimistic about its future.

Telling his fans to “look at the category of Apex”, Hal mentions that aceu, LuluLuvely, daltoosh, and NICKMERCS are all playing the game less or have left altogether.

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In his eyes, this is an indication that Apex on Twitch is going “downhill” and he doesn’t see what Respawn can do to bring them all back.

Even as someone who plays Apex regularly, Hal revealed that he’s growing “tired” of “sucking” up all the problems and talked about potentially going pro in another game in the future.

Despite this, the TSM pro has voiced his excitement for the major changes coming with Season 16, so it’s possible the update will be enough to draw a lot of the popular Apex personalities back.

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However, for now, it’s clear Hal is frustrated with a lot of the problems affecting Apex and is concerned that so many streamers are deciding to play Overwatch 2, Tarkov, and Warzone 2 instead.

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