ImperialHal blown away by NICKMERCS’ insane clutch in Apex Legends LCQ

ImperialHal and NickMercs side by side on twitchTwitch: ImperialHal/NickMercs

TSM’s Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen was left a bit mind-blown by Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff’s Valkyrie play to clutch up in the Apex Legends Last Chance Qualifiers. 

After switching from Warzone to Apex Legends, NICKMERCS has risen up the ranks of the competitive side of Respawn’s battle royale, to the point where he wants to go pro.

While some critics claimed he got “carried” at first, the FaZe Clan star has impressed in his own right, reaching Predator rank and even taking on some of the best teams in the game as he aims to make it into the Apex Legends Global Series.

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On May 7, he and his Tripods squad took part in the Last Chance Qualifier, looking to get even close to having a shot at ALGS glory. So, when Nick pulled out a clutch play to give them life, ImperialHal couldn’t quite believe what he saw.

NICKMERCS enjoys competing in video games, especially Apex Legends.

The FaZe Clan streamer was stuck by himself during the fourth game of the LCQ as he took up a low ground position at Lava Fissure. Nick hid for a few moments as other teams fought, but he eventually had to get involved.

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“Oh s**t, passion! Oh my God,” Hal called out as Nick started cleaning up enemies who were falling in front of him before he used Valkyrie’s jets to reposition amid all the chaos. “How is this working? What is this team right there doing?” the TSM pro exclaimed. “Old man is doing it right now bro!”

Nick eventually got into a position to claim some key placement points for his team, and even managed to take out an enemy before the circle squeezed him into an uncomfortable position. He and his squad were eliminated in third, but Hal was impressed and applauded the effort. “That was good, that was good!” he concluded.

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The effort from Nick helped his team claim some valuable points on their way to qualifying for the Grand Finals of the Last Chance Qualifier as they claimed a top ten spot.

To claim a spot in the ALGS, they do have to finish as one of the top two teams, which will be difficult. Though, it’s not impossible. So, we’ll just wait and see if he can continue on his meteoric rise.

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